It’s been 1 year since the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA Championship! Which technically means they are still the undefeated Champs in 2020!

To celebrate I want to share my very first video showcasing all the Raptor’s sketches I did on the way to their big Championship win last year!

It’s been rough getting in the studio to work with the kids being home full time during this lockdown, but I did manage to learn how to edit and animate my own artwork into videos. It was bit of a learning curve riddled with frustration and endless youtube clips, but I managed to create my very first polished art video! Lookout Tarantino!

This was a lot more challenging than I expected. I have to say though, it is extremely gratifying to see my sketches in this animated format. It’s added a whole other level of creative fun that I can have even after pieces are completed. Next task is creating time lapse vids of my newer and future pieces as I work on them from concept to finish. Till then, I hope you enjoy this first attempt at an art video, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Go Raps!

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