Meat Loaf Dies Today at 74

Cover Art for BAT OUT OF HELL album by Meat Loaf 1977.

First album I ever bought was Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf. Got it as soon as it was released in ’77. I was 11.

I loved the cover and I loved the music and spent endless hours listening to it in my bedroom and staring at the album cover.

My pen& ink version of the iconic album cover painted by Richard Corben.

It wasn’t long after buying it I couldn’t help myself, I had to draw the cover artwork. (By artist Richard Corben of Heavy Metal fame. One of my fave artists still today.)

Here’s some pics of that drawing by 11 year old me on 18″x25″ bristle board that I picked up at Guardian Drugs (you Flemo peeps will know where that is.)

I ran home trying not to bend it and was super excited to start this drawing with the album on bust the whole time.

It still brings a smile to my face thinking about it. Thanks to my nephew Nate & Aunt Sue for reminding me of this drawing today, which made me dig it out of the depths of my studio and photograph it. Sorry about the quality of the pics, the piece got banged up pretty good over the years with all my moving and travelling.

Meat Loaf’s real name was Marvin Lee Aday. He was born in Dallas and was a rocker for six decades. I loved his theatrical style rock anthems, and so did the world. He sold over 100 million albums!

Maybe more unknown is that he was also involved in the film industry as well, and was part of 55 films, including Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wayne’s World, and one of my all-time favourites, FIGHT CLUB.

Where he got his nickname of Meat Loaf has never been confirmed, but rumours range from loving his mom’s favourite recipe, to remarking on his weight.

He was a large personality and a large talent that rocked it out to the end. Thanks for the music ML. You brought another awesome backdrop layer to my childhood that will forever be with me every time I sing your music word for word.

RIP Meat Loaf.


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