I came very near to using the background soldier in this first sketch. I liked the strong and compassionate look, and the rifle pointing upward in a relaxed and ready, but non confrontational manner. It felt more Canadian to me.



I could not have successfully completed this project without help. I was fortunate enough to find soldiers and people in the know who were willing to answer my countless questions, emails and phone calls. I thank you all for your patience and knowledge.

But I’d like to single out and personally thank Warrant Officer James Hearn (ret’d). He was absolutely instrumental in the technical accuracy of images and information in the final piece. He endured an endless barrage of nit-picky and seemingly unrelated inquiries, all while being posted in Afghanistan. Thanks brother! You made a mountainous task a whole lot easier.

Please remember to buy a poppy.
Our world owes a lot to our men and women who fought for us, and a poppy is such a small but powerful token of respect and gratitude reminding us to never forget.

You can see the final painting here.

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