If you’ve got a firefighter in your life, then this may be of interest to you!


Firefighters have an extremely tough job with a lot of physical and mental stress which can sometimes overlap into their personal lives. I know a lot of firefighters, and everyone of them has been a stand up person in their communities. Thank you!

I knew what I wanted to paint when I set out to do this piece, so there were only two quick concept sketches before I dove in to complete the final painting shown here.



This is my small tribute to the Canadian firefighter and the unknown dangers they face when they arrive on any scene.

The heavy wall/ hangar door of the background represents the ominous physical barriers they may have to pass before they can extract someone in need of rescue.

The hotter than hell-fire glowing through the crack of the door represents the unknown and supernatural dangers. It is a glimpse of the Dragon’s breath of death that can steal their life at any moment.

Every firefighter will tell you it is never a solo act that saves lives, that they are part of a team they trust their own lives with.
I wanted to show the individual that makes up that team’s strength, standing between us and the danger and looking confidently towards their team that has their back before they enter the maelstrom.

By now you probably know I hide something in every piece I do. If you have a keen eye you’ll see my little tip of the hat to the writer Ray Bradbury that is relevant to firefighters everywhere. If you find it let me know!

You can learn more, or purchase this piece here: https://james-long-fine-art-illustrations.websitepro.hosting/product/canadas-fearless/
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